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BodyMechanics LLC

Ian Duggan
BodyMechanics LLC

1522 E Sherman Ave,
Coeur d Alene, ID 83814


Benefits of BodyMechanics Massage

A whole body approach to the individual person. Every person is a puzzle with their own intrinsic problems, stresses and past injuries. Tho we share common habitual problems and repetitive stresses our paths to recovery are all our own. 

As a therapist I believe in building a relationship of trust with each client and helping them to discover this path, striving for communication and feedback. giving the ability to learn your individual needs, whether its to reduces stress or work on specific problems. 

The saying goes two heads are better than one, together we can build a plan that is tailored to your individual needs with the proper time,care, and attention you deserve.

Keywords:  massage therapy, personal training, general wellness