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Tom Stephan is
The TreeKeeper
Post Falls, ID



Tom Stephan is The TreeKeep-erSOME OF WHAT WE DO...

Everyone should know that one of the most valued resources on the planet are our TREES. 

In addition to the fact that HEALTHY TREES refresh the Oxygen in the atmosphere in support of all living things... they also have a "tree-mendous" ca$h asset value.

We believe it's important for our visitors to understand WHY organic fertilizers are so important and that using chemical fertilizers will only last a few months, often, polluting our rivers and lakes.  

One application of my natural formula could fertilize plants for decades as it contains vital root-health and soil-fixing "inoculated biochar".  

In areas with heavily compacted soil, we auger 2" holes in compacted lawns and soil with an earth auger in the tree root zones. This allows for a gas exchange that would normally occur in a healthy forest system. 

We offer proven, reliable service to Maintain and/or Restore the health of your trees.

Browse to our "Talk Trees " page to learn more about The Tree Keeper.

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