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Meeting at Elmer's in CdA - Fridays at 7 AM


We are You

Building a business requires sacrifice, dedication, talent, imagination and some amount of risk. You work nights and weekends to establish a strong base for our businesses, families and our futures. You advertise and promote wherever and whenever it's convenient, within the limitations of your budget. You may even feel isolated in the vast arena of other businesses booming and growing around you.

PowerTipps of North Idaho is a group of business people dedicated to generating new business and supporting each other through networking.

This group meets weekly to exchange business tips that will help their membership, and to reinforce the type of customer that each member is looking for. The amazing success of this group is due largely to trust, friendship and mutual respect.

What is Networking

Networking is an excellent way of gaining a perspective on the resources available across the PowerTipps group. Our member interest include referrals. We take pride in helping our members by using each other's services, when feasible, and referring others to member services, when applicable. We require the same professionalism and quality from member businesses as we would from any business establishment. These referrals generate a strong camaraderie among the membership. We help trustworthy, quality business associates succeed.

How we Operate

PowerTipps meets once a week for an early breakfast. The sessions provide an informal structure for networking and business referrals. We have established a simple, yet workable forum to promote our goals while eliminating conflict:
  1. We accept only one member for each type of business classification
  2. Our members belong to just one tip/referral group (PowerTipps).
  3. Each member must actively participate in the business of referrals.
  4. Each member, or a designee, must appear regularly at the scheduled meetings.
  5. Decisions concerning the group are made by the membership in a round-table manner.
Meetings last approximately 1 hour and the agenda moves quickly and efficiently. Indeed, the leadership and professionalism of the group fosters a rich environment for developing professional and personal relationships. The result is quality business referrals.

What's in it for You?

Networking works. It:
  • is simple
  • is inexpensive
  • creates good business relationships
  • facilitates good personal relationships
  • generates business sales

We are You!

If you are a business person who enjoys the freedom and challenge of enhancing your business, network with us!



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