We are PowerTipps, A Business Networking Group

Meeting at Elmer's in CdA - Fridays at 7 AM

The vitality of PowerTipps is fueled by our membership. An individual new to PowerTipps should be well informed relative to your purpose, bylaws and processes in order to ensure the ongoing health of a growing membership. Much of the responsibility for passing on these understandings is with each sponsoring member.

PowerTipps Membership Guidelines

A prospective member may attend two meetings as a visitor. At the first meeting, the sponsor should provide them with the following items:

  1. PowerTipps Membership Application
  2. PowerTipps By Laws
  3. PowerTipps Directory of Members
The following should be explained: Dues:
  • $ 20.00 Initiation Fee
  • $100.00 Annual Membership Fee
  • $ 10.00 one-time fee for webmaster listing for PowerTipps web page
  • Initial fees are due when the Membership Application is submitted
  • Paid annually on January 1st thereafter

Referral Slips:

  • 3-part form to write a referral down (keep one, one to the referred member and one for the board)
  • On-Line referral form available on the PowerTipps website

Business Card File:

Your business cards are here for others to use in referring you. Members must keep the card box well stocked with up-to-date cards.

Fines Can/Basket: Passed around during introductions for placing fines and referral slips in.

Website: www.PowerTipps.com - one-time fee listed above; NetBest will develop web page for you at an additional cost.


  • We meet every Friday morning at 7:00am at Elmer's Restaurant
  • Regular attendance is required
  • No more than two unexcused absences in a two-month period are allowed
  • Notify the President, Vice-President or Board Secretary in advance for excused absences
  • 25¢ if late to the meeting
  • 25¢ if no tip or referral given
  • 25¢ if name badge/ company logo with your name is not worn to meeting
  • 25¢ if no guest brought during membership drive
  • $1.00 if absent the previous week
  • $1.00 if cell phone goes off during the meeting