We are PowerTipps, A Business Networking Group

Meeting at Elmer's in CdA - Fridays at 7 AM

Hold your mouse over the "Information" button above. The Information Drop Down menu is your access to additional details about the PowerTipps Business Networking group. Those pages are also availalbe using the links below.

  • The Members Page - Contains a list of all PowerTipps member businesses with links to their PowerTipps member pages.
  • Bylaws - This is a PDF document that provides the guidelines/rules that member businesses agree to adhere to as part of the PowerTipps Group as well as the basic responsibilities of our members and our board.
  • Membership Application - In addition to the basic fill-in-the-blank form, there are links to PDF and word processor (RTF) application files that can be downloaded and completed.
  • Sponsors Responsibilities - This page describes the role of members choosing to sponsor new PowerTipps members.
  • President's Message - This page is a location for the board President to place messages to the group.
  • Tri-Fold Members List - A PDF rendering of the PowerTipps membership list suitable for printing and sharing and use in the Referral process.
  • Detailed Member List - A PDF rendering of PowerTipps Member detail that also includes additional detail like email addresses, web site links, etc.  This list is meant for member use.