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NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with our Membership Requirements, Please read our Bylaws carefully.
  1. A prospective member may attend two meetings as a visitor. At the second meeting, the applicant completes and submits a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, along with the $20.00 initiation fee, * $100.00 annual membership fee and $10.00 one-time fee for webmaster listing on the PowerTipps web page to the board Treasurer.
  2. The Membership Committee completes the screening process and notifies the prospective member of acceptance or non-acceptance before the next scheduled meeting.
  3. The Membership Committee notifies the President.
  4. The President announces the new members at the next scheduled chapter meeting following the acceptance of the Membership Committee.
   * Annual membership fee is pro-rated - amounts determined by the Treasurer.
Your Name: Business Phone:
Business Name: Home Phone:
Business Address:
City:  State:  Zip:
  Sponsor's Name:    Suggested Business Category:
1. Please describe your company, its products or services you will represent as a PowerTipps member and your experience in the field/occupation: 
2. Educational Background in your field/occupation or Degrees, Licenses or Credentials required to perform in field/occupation:
3. Is the occupation under which you applied for membership a full or part time occupation?
  Full time: Part time:
4. How Long have you been with the company you are representing?
5. Are you able and willing to make the commitment to arrive at our weekly meetings on time and stay to the end, and are you willing and able to abide by POWERTIPPS rules and procedures?
  Yes:  No:
6. Is there an individual in your company who would be willing and able to attend meetings on your behalf if you should be unable to attend?
  Yes:  No:
7. What do you expect to be able to contribute to the chapter?
8. What is your ability to bring referrals or guests to meetings?
9. Are you a member in other networking organizations?
  Yes:  No:
10. List other organizations you belong to:

Please list two business references:

1. Business Name: 
Contact Name:    Position:
Describe relationship: 

2. Business Name: 
Contact Name:    Position:
Describe relationship: 

NOTE: You may attach additional information (e.g. resume, biography, etc.) if desired.


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